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Here at Community and Company, we’re proud of Your Story, Your Words, the innovative approach we’ve developed to making powerful blog and social media posts for our clients. By building their marketing content based on what they tell us in regular interview sessions, we’re able to create posts that tell their stories and speak with their voice. Just as importantly, the content frames their products and services in a way that their target audiences find authentic, powerful and relatable.

Like all the best innovations, this service has key features that will be unfamiliar. (After all, if they were familiar, they wouldn’t be innovative!) So we’d like to take this opportunity to explain how our Your Story, Your Words content service works, as well as to tell you a little about why we think it’s the perfect solution for both your day-to-day content and special campaigns such as product launches or events. 

How does Community and Company’s YourStory, Your Words service work? And what content does it produce for you?


The Interviews

Your Story, Your Words is all about teasing your knowledge, insights and views out of you and your team so that we at Community and Company can turn them into beautifully written, attention-seizing social media and blog content. The tool we use for the job is a tried and tested one: the interview.

Through conducting regular interviews with you, we help you to identify, and then we capture, the talking points that your target audiences want and need to hear about most. We arrange the interviews so that they do not interrupt your working routines. They can be done by whatever means you prefer—over the phone, over a video call, over a coffee at your office, over a coffee at ours—and they will take place at a time and with a frequency that is convenient for you.

If you’re a new business, in the early interviews we might get you to tell us about what drove you to set up your company, or why the world needs the products or services that you’re pioneering. Of course, the conversation between you and us will focus in part on the key selling points of the things you’re offering to the world. But we’ll also delve into the personal side of you and your business’s story. What challenges did you overcome on your way to founding your business? What are the values that drive what you do? Behind every new business is a story with a compelling human dimension, and through our interviews, we’ll help you to voice yours in an eloquent version of your own words.

Later down the line—or right away, if you already have an established presence in your market—we will bring a more topical dimension into the interviews. Social media and blog content gains the most traction among audiences when it has something new to say about the topics that people currently care about. And when those topics are relevant to your products and services, there will be few people who have a more interesting take on them than you and the people at your company. In our interviews, we’ll pick your brains about the things that your target audience is taking an interest in, and we’ll keep picking until we’ve snagged some insights that will get you noticed.

And when you have a new product or service that you want to tell customers about—whether it’s something you’ve got in development or something that you’re about to put on the market—our conversations with you will probe it from every angle.

The Content

As soon as each interview with you is wrapped up, the hard work really begins at Community and Company’s end. After converting the audio recording of our interview into a transcript, our creative team figures out how to turn the most interesting and relevant parts of what you told us into content that will accomplish the strategic goals that we’ve previously agreed on with you.

We’ll start by drawing up a creative brief that sets out the key features of the content that we will produce based on the most recent interview. Those key features include:

-       the quantity of posts to be written;

-       the length of each post;

-       the topics covered and points made in each post;

-       the writing style and tone of each post;

-       the platforms on which each post will be published;

-       the goals that each post will accomplish;

-       each post’s call to action.

We’ll then send you the creative brief so that you can approve it and/or request changes.

And then we get down to writing. As you’ll discover when you read the first articles we produce for you, the ideas you voiced in the interview are the lifeblood that pulses through the veins of each post. Where your words perfectly express an idea that will resonate with readers, you’ll find those words at the heart of the article. Where the substance of the talking points raised in the interview is captivating but the words used in the moment could have been more powerful, we’ll craft and hone new sentences—ones that replicate your voice at its most poignant and authentic. Where we see hints of an intriguing talking point in the transcript, we’ll develop them until we’ve found the right way to communicate the underlying idea to your target audience. And where a thing or two was left unsaid during the interview, we’ll fill in the gaps so that every word, sentence and paragraph of the final content is relevant, easy to follow and powerful.

Once we have drafted the posts—plus the titles, Tweets and visuals that will accompany them—we will send them to you for review. The best web content is produced through collaboration and listening to one another’s perspectives, so at this point, we welcome your requests for edits and additions. After a little back and forth, we will arrive at the final versions of the posts. And then they’re all yours for your marketing team to publish!

An Example Schedule

Every company’s content needs and publishing rhythms are different, and so all the specifics of the Your Story, Your Words service are customizable based on what will work best for you. But so you can get a general idea of how the service works, here’s an example schedule of interviews and content production.

Frequencies of interviews and volumes of content

Once per month, you and the Community and Company team hold an interview that lasts for one hour.

Once per quarter, you and the Community and Company team do a performance review, in which we look at the various content metrics and the comments your audience has made about the content. Using this information, we establish key insights—for example, which types of posts are working best at accomplishing your strategic goals, and which topics are proving the most engaging and powerful for your target audiences. We’ll then use these insights to fine-tune the interviews and content drafting to be done in the next quarter.

One interview will yield four blog or social media posts per month. Each of these posts will be between 750 and 1,250 words in length.

Each post will also include a title, the agreed-on SEO keywords, a meta description, and one visual.

The Monthly Schedule

Day One: We hold our interview with you.

Days Two to Three: We will transcribe the interview, analyse its content, devise the creative brief for the four articles, and send the brief to you for approval or amendments.

Day Four: We begin developing and drafting the posts according to the brief.

Day Ten: We send you one completed article draft.

Days Eleven to Fourteen: We amend the completed article draft based on your feedback.

Day Fourteen: We send you the definitive version of the first article.

Days Fourteen to Thirty: The remaining three articles in the series are drafted, amended and approved one by one.

Once we have completed this cycle of interviews and content with you several times and you feel confident that we’re getting your voice right and producing content that your audience loves, there will be scope for streamlining your involvement in the workflow. You may wish, for example, for us to produce all four articles in a single batch rather than have us send you them one by one.

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