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Join the Founders Social Media Calendar Program-Accelerated Program

Get a personalized 2-month social media strategy with content  in just 2 hours

Create 2 months of content for yourself by brainstorming with other entrepreneurs under a time constraint and a facilitated virtual meeting.

Bring clarity to what you should be sharing on social so that you stand out and meet your business goals.

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What you will get:
- At least 10 highly-personalized social media drafts
- Insights and topics into what other leading business people find interesting about your company
- Connection with 4 other entrepreneurs through this program

What we need from you: 
- This exercise is virtual. You will need to be committed and focused with no interruptions for the duration of the session.
- We will be using a virtual white boarding tool. You will need to be at your computer for this session.

If you are limited on time or unsure where to begin, we can help you kickstart the journey.

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