Ran Goel – Fresh City Farms

The Hungry Minds series is shining a little light on Food Entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quo of our food system. They are building businesses focused on remedying the challenges they are seeing in how we eat food and what we eat.

Today’s episode is with a former Wall St. Lawyer turned Urban Farmer. A true trailblazer – He promotes the idea that food is a massive problem that needs addressing now. Therefore, Ahem… it’s an amazing opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to build a business. He talked about the incredible challenges in building Canada’s largest commercial urban farm and how difficult it was to put a new farm in the city – “usually it goes the other way around!” We wrap up by talking about those stupid self-checkout registers popping up at grocery stores!

You have been listening to the first series in the Community and Company network called Hungry Minds.

We would also like to thank Ben Switzer, Tom Corkett, Nick Chenosky, Tori Lawson, and our sponsor Generation Digital. Our Audio Engineer is Sean Adlam from Among the Crowd.ca. Thank you to the graphic designer, and developer Amanda Abado.

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