Jonathan Forbes – Forbes Wild Foods

The Hungry Minds series is focused on food entrepreneurs that are promoting the unconventional through business.

Today we’re talking to an expert in the world’s oldest profession – Foraging. He has built one of the country’s leading foraging networks into a business that pokes holes in the way food is produced today. We get to hear what a traditionalist thinks about our industrialized food system and consider this a WARNING: against becoming discouraged by his hint of pessimism, I am thrilled to have had the chance to sit in and hear his perspective. 🙂 Mr. Forbes is an authority on the most ancient of alternatives.

You have been listening to the first series in the Community and Company network called Hungry Minds.

We would also like to thank Ben Switzer, Tom Corkett, Nick Chenosky, Tori Lawson, and our sponsor Generation Digital. Our Audio Engineer is Sean Adlam from Among the Thank you to the graphic designer, and developer Amanda Abado.

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